Guest Lectures

April 5, 2017. Helena Sanson (Literature and Culture at the University of Cambridge). "Come dice l'Ariosto....': Prescriptive (and Disruptive) Models of Behaviour in Early Modern Conduct Literature Texts for Women."

November 14, 2016. Roberto Puggioni (Università di Cagliari). “L’italiano in scena: la lingua del teatro fra XVI secolo e Manzoni".

April 6, 2016. Christian Rivoletti (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg [Germany]). “Through Words and Images: Ariosto’s Orlando Furiosoand the Rediscovery of Irony.”

March 23, 2016. Karen Raizen (Yale University). “Operatic Orlando, Two Ways: Arcadian Madmen on the Eighteenth-Century Stage.”

February 25, 2016. Franco Baldasso (Bard College). “A Mirror for Italy: Intellectuals in Trieste Facing the Collapse of Yugoslavia.”

February 24, 2016. Allison DeWitt (Columbia University). “Introduction to Digital Tools for Research and the Classroom.”

October 7, 2015. John T. La Barbera ( “From the Echoes of Mulberry Street to the First Italian Folk Revial of the 1970s.” Lecture and performance. 

April 22, 2014. Prof. Karina Attar (Queens College, CUNY). “How to Consort with the Enemy: Genoese Merchants and the Mamluks in Decameron II, 9.”