Carol Rounds

Carol Rounds

Carol Rounds has been at Columbia University since 1979.  After receiving her BA in Linguistics (1984), she finished her MA (1986) and PhD (1992) in Uralic Studies focusing on linguistic relationships among Finnish, Komi, and Hungarian, specifically on the spectrum of definiteness as expressed in the direct object.

Carol began teaching Hungarian at Columbia in 1988 and has continued to focus her efforts on Hungarian pedagogy.  She has authored two books, Hungarian: an Essential Grammar and (with Erika Solyom) Colloquial Hungarian, A Complete Course for Beginners, both with Routledge and both now in their second editions.

In 2010 she was awarded the Pro Cultura Hungarica award by the Republic of Hungary’s Minister of Culture for advancing the knowledge of Hungarian language and culture abroad.


Hungarian: An Essential Grammar. London: Routledge, 2nd edition (2009, 1st edition (2001)

Colloquial Hungarian, co-authored with Erika Sólyom. London: Routledge, (2002) (2nd edition forthcoming)

"The Zero Accusative in Komi." Linguistic Studies in the Non-Slavic Languages of the Former Soviet Union. Chicago: Chicago Linguistic Society, University of Chicago (1994)

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"The Accusative Marker -t in Finnish from Finno-Ugric Perspective." In Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Finnish Studies in North America. (1991)

Book review: Textanalyse and Sprachwandel. Historische Syntax des Ungarischen: ein empisirsches Modell. By Leila Bartens. Studies in Language, vol. 15, No. 2. Amsterdam: John Benjamins (1991)

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