Proficiency Exam

The Italian reading proficiency exam is offered for graduate students as part of their requirements and is also offered at the beginning of each semester. The next Proficiency Exam will be held on Friday, April 30, 2021. 

The test will be accessible in Courseworks from 9am - 4pm on that date.  You may take the exam at any point during those hours.  Please choose the time of day and the device that will permit you the most stable internet connection. Students have two hours to complete the translation.

We ask that students register for the exam in advance by sending an email to [email protected] with your name, the name of your program and/or school, and the name and email of your departmental contact to whom we should send the results.

Only the use of a dictionary, either paper or online, is allowed.
The use of any online translation program (such as Google Translate) is not allowed.

Once you register for the exam you will receive an invitation to the Canvas site of the Department of Italian.   Accept the invitation and make sure, in advance, that you can access the site.

Your English translation is considered accurate if you remain close to the original but translate into idiomatic English. The use of alternate translation (two different versions of the interpretation of certain words) is not acceptable.


As an alternative way to satisfy the language proficiency requirement the Department of Italian offers a Rapid Reading and Translation Course (Italian GU4005) in the fall semester.  The majority of Columbia graduate programs consider the successful completion of the Rapid Reading and Translation course as a way to fulfill the foreign language proficiency requirement.


For placement or proficiency exams in Hungarian, please contact Carol Rounds.