Fall 2021

Art Itineraries: Italian through Art

, 3 pts, UN3341


Prerequisites: (ITAL UN2102) or (ITAL UN2121) Students must have completed Intermediate level Italian language proficiency. The course, designed for students who have mastered the grammatical structure of the language, will give the students the opportunity to improve their language skills and discover Italian art from Middle Ages to the second half of twentieth century. The works of the artists will be studied and discussed with the intent of developing knowledge of the main features of artistic and cultural movements and of the appropriate vocabulary and terminology to describe and talk about them. A particular emphasis will be put to oral and written productions: various kinds of texts and genres will be practiced (description, narration, critical analysis). Students will learn how to describe and interpret a work of art, examine the main characteristics and the techniques used by the artists and will be able to look for themes recurring in the artistic productions. The artists covered during the course will be introduced along the lines of their unique artistic, historical and socio-cultural relevance through different sources: images, scholarly essays, literature, video and music. Two visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and to CIMA (Center for Modern Italian Art) will be organized. In Italian.
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MW 2:40PM-3:55PM
Alessandra Saggin