For a Concentration in Italian:



The concentration in Italian literature requires a minimum of 24 points in Italian courses numbered above the intermediate level, i.e., above ITAL UN2121, to include the following:

Course List
Two semesters of Advanced Italian 
 - ITAL UN3336
Advanced Italian
and Advanced Italian II: Italian Language & Culture
or ITAL UN3337Advanced Italian Through Cinema
or ITAL UN3338Italiana. Introduction to Italian Culture, the High, the Low, and the In-between
Two semesters of Italian Literature 
 - ITAL UN3334
Introduction To Italian Literature, I
and Introduction To Italian Literature, II

- OR -

Two Semesters of Italian Culture 
 - ITAL GU4503
Italian Cultural Studies I: From Unification to World War I
and Italian Cultural Studies II: From World War I to the Present
Additional Courses 
Select at least two other courses from the department's GU4000-level courses. 
In consultation with the director of undergraduate studies, the remaining courses may be selected from the department's 3000- or 4000-level offerings or from other humanities and social science departments with a focus on Italian literature or culture.