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Those who have obtained the M.A. in Italian at Columbia will be considered for admission to the PhD program only upon submission of a separate PhD application.

For the Free-Standing M.A. Degree:

The program is designed to permit a well-prepared student to obtain the M.A. degree within one academic year of full-timestudy.

Courses: A total of ten one-term courses (two Residence Units): (1) eight graduate literature/culture courses within the department taken for a letter grade, of which at least three must be in the period before 1600 and at least three in the period after 1600; substitutions of courses from other departments must be approved by the DGS; (2) one one-term course from another department for R credit, chosen in consultation with the DGS. (3) one one-term course either within, or external to the Italian Department. This course may be taken for R credit.  Courses taken Pass/Fail are not eligible for degree credit.

Languages: Students must acquire reading ability in a foreign language appropriate to his or her prospective field of specialization, satisfied by passing a written proficiency examination or by completing an approved course (Intermediate II level or higher) with a minimum grade of B-. The choice of languages will be made upon consultation with the DGS or adviser.

M.A. Degree Requirements worksheet

Part-Time study:

The M.A. degree may be earned through a program of part-time study. The course and language requirements are the same as for the full-time M.A. degree. All part-time students must complete the M.A. degree requirements within four years. Programs should be planned in consultation with the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS).

Housing & Funding:

Housing and funding for M.A. students is limited. Please reference the Graduate School's pages on housing and financial aid.

Career Services:

 The Center for Career Services offers many resources to aid you in your career search.


Guidelines for the terminal MA degree program