Events 2014-2015

Fall 2014

·      October 10, 2014: Francesca Bregoli (Queens College, CUNY) 

Sociability and Cosmopolitanism: Jews and Coffeehouses in Livorno


·      November 14, 2014: Fabien Montcher (Saint Louis University) 

A Mediterranean Restauração (c. 1640): Politics, Libraries and Book Hunting in the Roman Exile of Vicente Nogueira


·      November 24, 2014: Katharina N. Piechocki (Harvard University) 

Cartographic Imagery and Continental Poetics from Petrarch to Ramusio


​Spring 2015

·      March 10, 2015: Eric Dursteler (Brigham Young University)

Can Women Speak Languages? Gender and Multilingualismin the Early Modern Mediterranean


·      April 10, 2015: Elisabetta Benigni (Italian Academy) and Andrea Celli (University of Connecticut)

“L’aiuola che ci fa tanto feroci”. The debate on Islamic influences on Dante and the Arabic Translations of the Divine Comedy


·      April 16, 2015: Claudio Fogu (University of California, Santa Barbara) 

A Southern or Mediterranean Question? The Geography of Repression in Making Italians


·      May 1, 2015: James Amelang (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Discovering the Mediterranean: Carlo Levi, Fernand Braudel, Ernesto De Martino