Federica Franze, Lecturer

Federica Franze presented a paper at the American Comparative Literature Association in March 2014 on the film Palermo oder Wolfsburg by Werner Schroeter. The film deals in a highly original way with the question of Italian immigration in Germany in the 1960s. Her paper explores the ideas of alienation, homelessness and dissonance. It also discusses how the director engages dialectically with national authority, complicating predictable binary oppositions, and creating a significant early example of Transnational Cinema.

In April she also presented her Skype project at the Chicago Language Symposium “Bridges to Everywhere: Language Learning Collaborations”. This project involves pre-service teachers, enrolled in the Master’s degree program “Teaching Italian to Foreigners” at the University of Urbino. Pre-service teachers worked on Skype with undergraduate students studying Italian language at Columbia University. The project’s objective was aimed at providing American students with the opportunity to interact in Italian with Italian native speakers in an authentic context while offering the pre-service teachers in Italy the chance to teach Italian within a technologically-enhanced environment. She will present the project also at the SUNY Language PACT Conference “The World and the Classroom” this coming June.